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The face is the mirror of the soul and it requires a complete treatment. With our intensive care treatments, we want you to feel beautiful. The beauty products which enhances the glow and glamour in you. We carry quality products which are totally reliable. You can expect world class environment in Women’s World parlour, popular for their quality services like hair treatments, facial, bridal makeup, pedicure etc.

So if you are pretty conscious about your looks and appearance,  our professionals will help you in magnifying the beauty that already exists in you.

our services


Waxing is always based on your skin type, none likes to have that annoying hairs on skin. Our waxing facility will ensure you to have hairless shining face. 


Facial is important to get rid of useless wrinkles and acne. A monthly facial by our experts would be helpful for you. 

Hair Cutting

Endless facilities at a single point, whether you like groovy haircut or straight hairs or fancy look, try our hair cutting service. 


Having stress? Try out our Massage service and relax your body for a easy day. We have female massagists, expert in relaxing therapy. 

Bridal Makeup

Among the tons of beauty parlour out there, you’d feel the whole new touch of bridal package with Women’s World parlour service.

Medicure and Pedicure

Medicure and Pedicure are essential for your blood flow and to remove dead skin cells. It also helps to put your mind in fresh and healthy zone.

What Our Customers say

Women's World are providing the best products in Badaun city. I become huge fan of them after taking their parlour service which is just phenomenal.

Deeksha Singh

I was introduced to Women's World by one of my friend and I feels totally comfortable with their products. It is beneficial for ladies because of manifold services.

Akshita Chauhan


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