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Artificial Jewellry

It is the period of Artificial and Imitation Jewellery. Since 20th century, the expensive gold and diamond ornaments has become outdated, cultural jewellery such as nose ring and toe rings are now rarely used in parties and functions. Necklace, rings, bracelets and small earrings has taken place of those. This New India generation is moving rapidly and determined to utilize all the stuffs which are made in India.

Women’s World is composing a special stand of artificial jewellery for you in its newly opened store, which are made with love in India. We have fresh and glazed designs of jewellery. 

Our Products


Earrings are the most common thing in women to be remembered easily. After party they always like to discuss about someone’s earrings and necklace. However, our Bollywood lyricists are also admirer of using words like ‘Jhumki’ and ‘Baali’  in their songs.

Be an epitome of elegance, try our elegant designs of earrings. Jewellery that you have never seen before.


“Big girls need big diamonds”, the quote by Elizabeth Taylor makes sense as the girls love rings with big diamonds.

Our selective collection of lovely rings will definitely provide you special glimpse of love from your dear one.


It is very true, you don’t have to be rich to sparkle. All you need is little bit obsession to obtain what you need. Not every Necklace is expensive, visit ones to Women’s World and experience the joy of being different. We always puts efforts in our facilities.

Buy intricate designs of Necklace from the store in best price range or order online. Exclusive pattern of fashion is waiting for you!


Life is too short to wear boring jewellery, the quote is quite old but our Bracelets are totally modern. We have fresh stock of Bracelets that will surely suit on your wrists.


Decorate your jewellery wardrobe with newly designed Bangles which are perforated  with beautiful beads.


Anklets, mostly called by the poetic Hindi word ‘Payal’, the ornament which is always adored by Indian womens, be it wedding occasion or western party.

Buy anklets from Women’s World, the only big place for artificial jewellry shopping in Badaun city.

What Our Customers say

Women's World are providing the best products in Badaun city. I become huge fan of them after taking their parlour service which is just phenomenal.

Deeksha Singh

I was introduced to Women's World by one of my friend and I feels totally comfortable with their products. It is beneficial for ladies because of manifold services.

Akshita Chauhan


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